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If you are new to our practice, or an existing patient with insurance or contact information changes, you will want to fill out forms before coming to the office. Forms can easily be printed from our website. Please arrive with your ID and medical insurance card as well. We ask for ID to prevent insurance fraud and a copy of your medical insurance card is needed just in case we need to refer you for further testing. It’s also a good idea to bring any eyewear you’re currently wearing, or if you’re a contact lens wearer, a box of your current contact lenses.Go To Forms »
When you are seen for a comprehensive eye exam the doctor is not only examining your eyesight but he is also examining your overall eye health. It’s not uncommon during examinations to find a medical condition that may need attention as well. If there is a medical condition, the visit will be filed to medical insurance, otherwise it will be filed as a routine vision exam.Go To Forms »
It’s not uncommon for medical and vision insurance to change on a yearly basis, as well as personal contact information. Since we file your insurance on your behalf, having the most up-to-date and complete information is imperative to ensuring a smooth transaction for you and the practice.Go To Forms »
The fee covers the extra tests performed by the doctor along with any necessary follow-up visits and trial lenses. These procedures are only done on patients wearing, or interested in wearing, contact lenses. These procedures are in addition to the services provided during the comprehensive eye exam. We will provide you with free trial contact lenses before finalizing your contact lens prescription. Follow-up appointments may be necessary if we need to try out different brands and prescriptions. Once your prescription is finalized by the doctor, you may order your annual supply of contact lenses.

Infants should have their first eye exam with a pediatrician at 6 months, followed by a comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist at age 3 and then again at age 5 or 6. If your child is wearing glasses or contact lenses, they should get an eye exam every year. Early eye exams are particularly important for children because without properly functioning vision, a child’s ability to learn can be severely impeded.

Here are behaviors to look for that could indicate your child might need vision correction, and should obtain an eye exam:

  • Consistently sits too close to the TV
  • Consistently holds a book too close
  • Uses a finger to follow along while reading
  • Squints a lot
  • Frequently rubs their eyes
  • Has excessive tearing
  • Closes one eye to read
  • Complains of headaches or tired eyes
  • Receives lower grades than usual
There is no scientific evidence that computers cause damage to your vision, however, extended computer use, poor lighting and poor ergonomic conditions can cause eye strain and fatigue. In many cases, simply rearranging your work environment can reduce eye strain and help computer related vision problems. For greater relief, custom computer lenses can help you see at just the right distance for viewing a computer while reducing eye strain.

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