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Contacts Lenses can make a world of difference for someone who is craving greater comfort and more natural vision than glasses can provide. However, getting used to contacts can take some time, and it is important to take things slowly and carefully.
In the eye care world, doctors refer to contact lenses as “medical devices”. This highlights the special steps eye doctors and patients alike need to take to make the road to contact lens happiness smooth.

If you are interested in, or already wear contact lenses, make sure you say so when you schedule your appointment with us. While there, you will need to go through vision test, and some additional tests such as an evaluation of your eye’s surface, so that doctor can make sure you receive a proper contact lens fitting.

Here’s what you can expect:


During the first appointment, the patient receives a contact lens evaluation designed especially for those who would like to wear contacts. In addition to the annual routine eye exam, a contact lens exam focuses mainly on eye-health issues related to contacts. Once that evaluation is completed, the doctor will find a lens with exactly the right amount of curve, thickness and diameter for the patient’s particular vision needs.


The second step involves a careful fitting of the lens to the eye, along with detailed instructions to the patient on cleaning, storing and handling of contacts. This part of the process is extremely important — which is why a new contact lens fitting and evaluation often require an hour or so, in order to obtain the best results.


A follow-up visit is usually planned one or two weeks after the original fitting. This visit gives the doctor a chance to see how the patient’s eyes are responding to the contacts. During this second appointment, the doctor will determine how well the lens fits the surface of the eye and whether or not it’s causing any irritation. The additional visit also allows the doctor to review care and cleaning of the lenses to reduce the risk of a lens-wearer accidentally infecting the contacts with bacteria during usage or storage.

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